Polycarbonate is an excellent plastic for display filters. It provides high impact resistance combined with an excellent flammability rating, unlike acrylic. In terms of clarity, polycarbonate is comparable to glass, but being a much lighter substrate polycarbonate is more suitable for applications where weight is an important consideration.

Optical Filter's polycarbonate sheets are available in a range of thicknesses and surface finishes. Our CNC cutting facility will machine steps, holes with threads and grooves to strict tolerances.

Because polycarbonate is easily scratched due to softness, Optical Filters recommends that polycarbonate filters are specified with a clear hard coating to front surface and preferable to both sides. This coating provides a high level of chemical resistance while eliminating the risk of scratching through general handling of the product.

Non-glare hard coating

This coating provides the benefits of a non-scratch coating combined with a dispersive non-glare finish to reduce reflections in conditions where bright sunlight or overhead lighting may reduce the readability of a display.

Anti-reflective coating

Very low surface reflectance is achieved via a multiple vacuum deposition layer process making the surface virtually invisible. The coating also includes a clear hard coating and a finger print resistance layer.


Colored polycarbonate sheets can provide effective contrast enhancement for colored displays. Typical applications are LED, Vacuum Fluorescent and Electro-luminescent displays, where the filter accentuates the color of the emitted light, making the back of the display appear darker. Solid material is limited in thickness and available colors, but Optical Filters can offer laminated material with a color tinted interlayer.