NIR-2 filter provides EMI shielding and protection for displays that are subject to direct sunlight, allowing them the ability to continue working.

The NIR-2 film is a transparent conductive PET film that has been sputter coated to block both harmful UV radiation and electromagnetic interference.


  • Near-Infrared is effectively cut due to an amalgamation of blocking and reflecting of transmission above 800mm.
  • Very low surface resistance of 2ohms/sq gives a practical level of EMI shielding.
  • High visible transmission 60-65% with minimal color shift.
  • Neutral color is a contrast enhancement aid for image visibility.
  • Coating has very strong resistance to corrosion that is a frailty of silver based conductive films.

Product Format:

  • Precision cut parts by zero width CNC process from stock rolls.
  • As a full laminate between glass or polycarbonate.
  • Or, as an additional filter within other custom laminated window specification.