IR Band Pass

IR pass filters provide high transmittance of Infrared radiation while reducing or blocking transmission of energy below 700 nm. The use for Infrared filters has grown with the development of IR photometric systems. Specific applications include remote control units, security systems, proximity sensors, scanners and IR cameras.

Product format

S306 is an acrylic material available in thickness from 0.5 mm. Parts can be supplied to final drawing milled by CNC and can include steps and holes. Non-glare finish is optional for the reduction of front surface reflections.S306 is the closest alternative to the discontinued XR84 material.

Parts can be supplied to final drawing precision cut by our zero width X-Y CNC. Full CAD/CAM means we have no tooling charges and we can work directly from drawings or electronic files.

Spectral Properties

S306 is broad-band IR pass filters in the range of 800 to 2000 nanometers. Efficient cut off below 700nm and rapid increase to 90+% transmittance at 800nm results in a high signal to noise ratio for near-infrared devices.

Design options

Custom optical lamination in glass or polycarbonate., EMI shielding with laminated EmiClare mesh and silk screen printing.