EmiClare LaserMesh

A new innovation in transparent EMI shielding from Optical Filters, EmiClare LaserMesh is a directly applied conductive grid for EMI shielding touch screens, displays and windows.

100µm PET base film features a laser aided patterned EMI shielding 7µm copper mesh that required no secondary lamination to make it optically clear, unlike the photo etched MicroMesh.

PSA lamination for easy application with suitable lamination equipment and clean room to the rear of existing display filters and touch screens up to a 600 x 1100mm maximum dimension.

30µm mesh width x 300µm pitch = a typical visible transmission of 76% in single side AR glass lamination or 80% if laminated between AR coated glass

Standard mesh angle orientation of 55´ for optimum control of moiré interference between the grid structure and the display.

Surface resistance of 0.2Ω/sq

EMI shielding comparison: