EmiClare ITO Glass

Emi-ITO is a range of EMI shielded windows with a conductive coating for use in EMI/RFI shielding applications. The combination of high visible light transmission, near neutral color and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high quality optical properties.

EMI to ITO Coated Class Diagram

A 12-ohms/sq vacuum-deposited coating has been selected to provide a good balance between shielding and optical performance. Coatings greater than 20 ohms/sq lack shielding effectiveness and lower ohm/sq coatings have greatly reduced light transmission and increased light reflection.

Emi-ITO windows are either unlaminated cut glass or fully laminated glass filters. Laminated versions offer greater strength and options for front surface treatment and edge profiles.