EmiClare ITO Film

EMI-ito15 is a transparent low ohms, ITO conductive coated, optically clear polyester EMI shielding film.

What is ITO?

  • ITO (indium tin oxide) coating is a vacuum deposited thin transparent film of 82% transmission @ 550nm that can be applied to appropriate glass and plastic substrates
  • The precision coating is available in the UK and has a low surface resistance of 15 ohm per square
  • Clear polyester (PET) is the base material for the ITO coated shielded film
  • A thin flexible shielding film of 175micons (0.0007") is ideal for integration into existing equipment as a retro solution
  • Transparent conductive plastic films are typically used for:
    • EMI shielding flat glass panel displays
    • Reducing RFI on touch screens
    • Achieving EMC compatibility on membrane keypads
    • Shielding glass windows and doors
  • EMI-ito15 is a 15ohms/sq EMC film that replaces silver coated polyester 8ohms/sq AgF8 (AgHT)
  • ITO coating overcomes the oxidization problem associated with transparent silver coatings
  • Shielding effectiveness of EMI-ito15 conductive is film is 20-30dB 

EMI-ito15 Image 2

  • EMI-ito15 shielding film is supplied in rolls, sheets or precision cut parts
  • Coated conductive rolls are:
    • 762mm x 150m (30" x 500ft)
  • Standard sheets of conductive film EMI-ito15 are supplied in packages of 5. The sizes are:
    • 762 x 609mm (30 x 24")
    • 381 x 609mm (15 x 24")
    • 216 x 289mm (8½ x 11")
  • Precision cut transparent filters are cut using our zero width X-Y CNC station. Full CAD/CAM ability means we have no tooling charges and can work directly from drawings or electronic files. Parts can be supplied fitted with a PSA gasket on the non-conductive side for ease of assembly or to provide spacing to prevent optical distortions (Newton Rings).