About Us

Optical Filters are world leaders in the design and manufacture of emi- shielded and contrast enhancement windows. Established in 1988, our principle proficiency lies in optical expertise and the dry film lamination of plastics and glass filters for displays and enclosures.


To support our objective of supplying optimum products with a service that meets our customer's growing requirement for "just-in-time", we continue to expand our manufacturing facility and improve our reliability by bringing previously outsourced processes in-house.

Recent expansions have included:

Optical Filters Glass Storage and cutting facility

Additional glass processing equipment
and material handling equipment

Recently refurbished and enlarged Clean Rooms offer increased capacity

Refurbished and enlarged clean rooms offering increased capacity. A new autoclave for large laminated windows

CAD/CAM plastic CNC equipment

CAD/CAM plastic CNC equipment


We embrace quality as a keystone of our business and it is our policy to continually challenge and improve upon our quality goals. As well as ISO 9001 registration, Optical filters operate a rigorous optical inspection standard, OIS, ensuring that all of our production meets the exacting requirements of the industry.


Optical filters have a very proactive approach to product development. EmiClare, a new and unique generation of emi-shielded windows, was designed to offer high levels of shielding effectiveness with optimum light transmission. The proprietary mesh configuration eliminates the optical distortion patterns often associated with conventional mesh windows.

EmiClare mesh offers high levels of shielding effectiveness with optimum light transmission

With our technical expertise and strong R&D resource, we have succeeded in designing our products into a wide variety of both commercial and defence projects throughout the world. Our experienced team is available to offer information and advice on all aspects of the window design.