Transparent Heaters

The screen response of many flat panel displays is temperature dependant. To enable continued use in adverse ambient conditions, to de-mist or to defrost the displays, Optical Filters have developed a range of transparent heated screens.

Using low resistance busbars, a heating current is supplied to a Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated glass. An optimum coating density is used to provide excellent heating performance with good optical clarity compared to the highly reflective thin resistive wires typically used to provide heat.

Extensive testing and military qualification has proven the Optical Filters transparent heater maintains an LCD at 20°C with an outside temperature of -50°C and a 3°C/minute temperature gradient.

A transparent heater can be a simple as single layer un-laminated glass or can be part of a multi-function window. When fully laminated, the heater element is located within the lamination for extra durability and safety. Additional layers and elements can be included for impact resistance, EMI shielding, contrast enhancements and anti-glare control.

There are a wide range of applications for transparent heaters that include public information displays, material handling equipment, military ground based vehicles, naval flight deck equipment, control panels on heavy agricultural and earth moving equipment, periscopes and off-shore oil platforms.