EmiClare Ultra

EmiClare Ultra are custom built windows designed to match customer specifications or the requirements of a specific application.

The custom Ultra solution covers a full range of substrates, sizes, termination methods and additional features including heating, contrast enhancement & touch screens.

In cross section EmiClare Ultra could include all of these elements in just one window.

Anti Reflective coated glass
Circular polarizer
EmiClare mesh
NVIS night vision goggle filter
ThermoClare Transparent Heater

Termination options

EmiClare Ultra windows are made to order and can be supplied with the following termination options.

Extended mesh 
Allowing direct clamping of the mesh
Extended mesh & gasket 
For a more control and rugged integration
Silver busbar 
Highly conductive painted finish

Window dimensions

EmiClare Ultra can be made from a very small single LED's size up to the very large sizes often used on public information displays or shielded rooms. Common dimensions are linked to the typically display sizes like 6.4", 10.4", 12.1", 15", 15", 17", 24," etc...

Substrates Options

  • Glass
    • Glass is more cost effective per sq meter than plastic and is a superior optical material.
    • With optional surface finishes of Non-Glare dispersive etch or Multi-layer Anti- reflective coating.
    • Glass is strengthened due to the lamination process but can also be further improved with chemical toughening.
  • Polycarbonate
    • Polycarbonate is stronger and lighter than glass and is supplied with either a clear hard coating for its chemical resistance and surface hardness or a matte non-glare finish to control surface reflections.
    • An Anti-reflective polycarbonate with anti-finger print coating is also available.

Extra functions and filters

  • Louver light control film for privacy or contrast enhancement.
  • Linear and circular polarizer from Optical Filters range of XP technical polarizers
  • NVIS night vision goggle compatibility filters.
  • NIR blocking film for the control of solar radiation.
  • ThermoClare transparent heater for de-frosting and anti- misting.
  • Touch enabled front surface with the addition of resistive, capacitive or infra-red touch screen solutions.