Display Filters

Optical Filters has a comprehensive range of products to protect and enhance your display. We offer both glass and plastic options and can provide these in raw sheets, as finished cut filters or fully assembled solutions made in our clean rooms.

All Of Our Display Filters


Advanced thermoset CR39 optical sheet technology by PPG industries, combines optical quality and chemical resistance of glass with the lightweight performance of plastic.

Screen Protectors Films

3M Protection Films help protect displays and touch screens against damage that can occur from the rigors of everyday use. Options of glossy, low reflectance and anti-reflective matt finishes all engineered with a low-tack adhesive for easy application and removal.


We stock and process the highest quality display glass with a variety of thickness and surface finish options such as fine matt anti-glare, multi layer anti-reflective, conductive ITO coatings etc. Chemical toughening, silk screen printing and optical lamination are also available.


In addition to PSS-3000 we have optical quality polycarbonate and cast acrylic options. Clear, colored, infra-red, shielding and light diffusion versions are available along with gloss hard coating, non-glare hard coating or anti-reflective / anti-finger print surfaces finishes.


EmiClare is the leading name for EMI /RFI shielding filters for displays, windows and touch screens. The optimum combination of optical and EMC performance is selected from a choice of conductive coatings, woven mesh and micro-replicated conductive grids technologies.


Transparent colored glass, polycarbonate, acrylic and PSS-3000 are used for contrast enhancement, color conversion and correction on VFD, LCD, CRT and LED displays as well as for lighting in illumination application.

Sunlight Readable

Displays with higher brightness and low reflectivity are more readable in sunlight. Solutions such as light management films, polarizers, anti-reflective finishes and optical bonding improve the contrast ratio and brightness of the displays and touch screens.


Linear and circular PVAL based technical polarizers filters for the enhancement of displays, 3D systems and sensors.

Privacy Screens

Also known as Light Control Films (LCF), control the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure. This can be used to create privacy, control reflections or improve display contrast.

NIR Solar Control

Blocking and reflecting near infra-red frequencies reduce the heat loading of displays in direct sun light preventing overheating and black out failure of public information displays, signage and kiosks.