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Optical Filters - Refurbish Production Facilities In Europe

Despite a slow economy, Optical Filters continues to thrive as a world leader in the design and manufacture of EMI-shielded and contrast enhancement windows.

In an effort to support the future growth of our company, Optical Filters has undertaken an expansion project to refurbish our production facilities in Europe.

Among the many new and exciting changes are, increases in floor space and upgrade to our Class 100 Clean Room. We have renovated our mesh blackening line and improved our inspection facilities.

In addition to the restorations made to our production areas, we have also implemented new office space to allow a more efficient administration area.

The goal of this expansion project is not only to improve product quality, but customer satisfaction, two of our highest priorities.  Chief Executive Officer, Nicola Dent describes the renovations saying, “The European market is important to Optical Filters.  The investment in our UK facilities – both upgraded and expanded – will enable Optical Filters to offer products for the future,  give more capacity and improve quality to our customers.”

In addition, we would like to extend an advance apology to any of our customers who may experience a slight delay in delivery time due to our construction. We appreciate your business and assure you that your orders will continue to be handled in the prompt, professional manner you have come to expect with Optical Filters.