Optical Filters offer a number of services to compliment their range of glass and plastic display filters: 

Glass Machining

Our multi-axis CNC machine allows us to give a high degree of accuracy in the cutting of standard and complex shapes from 0.8mm to 12mm thick flat glass. For this purpose, we also stock a wide range of selected plain float, etched and coated glass.

We offer a high quality finishing service, with a range of edging including clean-cut, flat ground, beveling, polishing and drilling.

Chemical Toughening

We can chemically temper flat and moulded glass. This process has up to 4 times the mechanical and thermal strength of annealed glass without the optical and physical distortion usually associated with thermal tempering. Chemical tempering is the preferred process for thin glass down to 0.5mm thickness.

Plastics Machining

Our 3-axis CNC machine allows us to produce plastic parts with steps, holes with threads and grooves to strict tolerances. Our plastics machining also includes routing, drilling and standard sawing.

Cutting gaskets, thin films and plastics

Our zero-width CNC machine allows us to cut thin films and plastics to complex shapes and strict tolerances. Flexible CAD/CAM software allows rapid prototyping, easy modification and great yields. The cutting process is low stress compared to traditional 'click' press cutting.


All of our plastic and glass windows can be silk screen-printed. We can accommodate anything from simple, one-color borders to multi-color intricate detail.

Printing costs depend on the size, detail and number of colors involved.