EMI / RFI Shielding

RF shielding windows are used in applications with High Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) emissions or sensitivity such as:

  • Military displays
  • Secure Shielding equipment
  • In-flight entertainment displays
  • Avionics
  • Medical equipment and MRI rooms
  • Test and measurement

EmiClare is the range of micro-replicated conductive grids, woven wire mesh and conductive coatings designed to provide the optimum optical performance whilst making your display or touch screen RFI compliant.

EmiClare MicroMesh

is a perfect photo etched highly conductive grid. Ideal for all displays sizes up to 60” it’s the best combination of high shielding attenuation and light transmission available.

EmiClare LaserMesh

the latest innovation in transparent EMI shielding for touch screens and displays which doesn’t require full optical lamination.

EmiClare Sigma

is a general purpose EMI shielded polycarbonate featuring the first woven wire mesh optimized for electronics displays.

EmiClare Ultra

are bespoke windows made with EmiClare woven mesh with a choice of substrates, terminations and additional features such as transparent heaters

EmiClare EMI-ito film

is a 15ohms/sq conductive coated clear polyester.

EmiClare EMI-ito glass

are high transmission conductive coatings available in ex-stock standard variations for quick cost effective availability or custom coated versions.

Shielded Displays

Optical shielding methods to complete a Faraday Cage for electronics displays

EMI Hardened Touch Screens

we can EMI shield all types of touch screens including resistive, projective, IR and polarized types.

EMI Mesh

blackened woven fine wire mesh for shielding window, apertures and display.

EMC Windows & Rooms

Large sized laminated glass windows for EMI, MRI and Shielding rooms.