Display Enhancements

Optical Filters have a comprehensive range of products to protect and enhance your display. We offer both glass and plastic options and can provide these in raw sheet form, as finished cut filters or fully assembled solutions in our clean rooms.

All Of Our Display Enhancements

3M Performance Films

Optical Filters are a strategic partner for 3M Optical Films. We stock, distribute and fabricate protection, light control and display enhancement films which improve the durability and readability of displays and touch screens.


Linear and circular PVAL based technical polarizer filters for the enhancement of displays, 3D systems and sensors.

Transparent Heaters

Used to de-frost, de-mist and maintain optimum operating temperatures in cold and severe climates. ThermoClare is an ITO coated transparent heater which can be as simple as a single layer glass or an integrated part of the display assembly.

Optical Bonding

The elimination of the air gap between the display and the cover glass or touch screen by proprietary Viz-Bond is what defines this process. Combining this with the use of index matched optical adhesive improves the sunlight readability and durability of the display.

IR Band Pass

Excluding visible and ultraviolet light, these acrylic filters transmit the broad band infrared region. These filters are used in many infrared applications such as sensors, scanners and photometric systems including IR touch screens and data collection cameras.